About The Little Bell Wedding Chapel

nce upon a time...isn't that how good stories start? There was a church, and the church was in the country and the country was in the county of Boone and the community was called Bellefonte, and was near the city of Harrison, which was in the Ozarks in the State of Arkansas, which was known as the Land of Opportunity and poor grammar.

he church congregation grew and grew and finally outgrew the little church that had hardwood floors and wooden pews. A new modern and much larger church was built right up the road. And a​ ​man with​ ​a​ ​great vision named Dutch Soper bought the little church.

ot only did Dutch have vision but he had a passion. A passion for clocks. No, not the modern battery type​ ​clock, but the antiques with pendulums, mainsprings, weights and chimes. And the little church had the ideal atmosphere and ambiance to display and store​ ​his fast- growing clock collection (over a million dollars'​ ​worth).

​friend who liked​ ​Dutchs'​ ​clocks would occasionally stop​ by to talk and sometimes buy a clock​ ​or two. Sometimes the conversation​ ​turn to a church in Nasuawah, Iowa called the Little Brown Church in the Vale and the hymnal and its reputation as one of the top wedding chapels in the country. And​ ​so​ ​Dutch​, ​a man of great vision,​ ​thought a similar venture would be a good idea. The clock business was getting out of hand and his​ ​declining health​ ​convinced​ ​​him to help convert the little church back into a church and wedding chapel​...and the Little Bell Wedding Chapel was born​. That was​ ​in​ late 1982. ​T​oday, you'll​ ​still​ ​see and hear​ ​some of​ ​Dutchs beloved clocks ticking and talking on the walls and in the halls of the Little Bell Wedding Chapel.

Little Bell Wedding Chapel

Little Bell Wedding Chapel Little Bell Wedding Chapel
3294 Hwy 65 South, Harrison AR 72601
"In the Bellefonte community"
Phone: (870) 743-2355
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